Dog Tag Survival Knife by Alex Shunnarah

The Dog Tag Survival Knife is a multi-functional tool perfect for the outdoor enthusiast. You can attach the Dog Tag Survival Knife to a handle by lashing the blade through the two holes. A simple shoelace and a stick transforms into a useful tool without carrying cumbersome equipment. Slide the blade out of the protective case & reverse so the notch lines up with the notch in the case. The friction caused by rubbing the steel blade with the ferrocerium rod creates sparks to start a fire.

The reflective stainless steel surface of the Dog Tag Survival Knife can be used to signal recue personnel. The sight hole in the center of the blade gives you control in directing the reflected light to alert rescuers to your position should an emergency arise. The incredibly strong Heat-Treated 440C Stainless Steel Blade can handle the rigors of the outdoors. Easy to wear on a 27" chain, it's a favorite of hikers and climbers. The inconspicuous dog tag design also makes the Dog Tag Survival Knife a great self-defense tool. Finally, an easy-to-read button compass keeps you on course.

4-in-1 kit includes rescue mirror, knife, firestarter, and compass! Item is engraveable.

Only $36.95 each

The Original Dog Tag Knife by Alex Shunnarah

Designed and manufactured for last ditch self-defense or survival circumstances, the Original Dog Tag Knife features the following:

  • Dog Tag Knifetitanium blade for strength and ultra-light weight
  • engravable surface
  • chisel grind edge that only cuts when pressure is applied
  • blade can be resharpened
  • rubber enclosure for concealing dog tag
  • easily concealed
  • made entirely in the U.S.A.

100% Safisfaction Guarantee

If you are not 100% completely safisfied with your purchase, we will be happy to provide you with a no questions refund. We are confident you will be pleased with your purchase for years to come.

Only $22 each

These convenient blades are easy to carry and unobtrusive. Get an extra one for utility purposes or as extra protection for a loved one.